Do You Remember Your Very First Car?
Mine had pedals!
Retro is BACK !
Generations of kids have loved their pedal cars. Introduce your child to their first car, a time tested, durable, pedal car that is! Pedal cars inspire imaginations and independence.
Light Blue Comet Pedal Car

Our pedal cars are a blast from the past. We have replicas of vintage antique pedal cars: the Model T pedal cars, 1932 Roadster pedal car, 1955 Chevy Belairs, Comets, Fire Truck pedal cars even a series of 1965 Mustangs.
Yellow Tow Pedal Truck

For the rough and tumble crowd, we have a complete line of pedal trucks. From fire engine pedal trucks, to tow trucks, even a Coca Cola Roadster. These pedal trucks will lessen the load of any child who is trying to complete those all important tasks like transporting dolls, or dirt, moving their toys, or taking lunch to dad in the garage.
Blue Cosair Pedal Plane

Let their imaginations SOAR! Kids will be facinated with the pedal planes that have real moving propellers.
Pedal Tricycle

Originally produced in 1936, we have a full line of vintage replica tricycles. And for a more modern taste, we present an Indian ride-on Motorcycle.
Hummer Scoot-A-Long

For those wee little tykes, not quite ready for pedals, we have a line of Scoot-a-Long vehicles, including a Tractor and a Hummer too!
LIMITED EDITION Burgandy Roadster Pedal Car

These pedal cars aren’t just kid’s play either. For the collectors, we have many time sensitive pedal vehicles, our Limited Edition series. Hurry, Hurry ! These pedalers won’t last long. Why buy an antique pedal car, when you can have a new one?
Red Gas Pump

EXTRA! EXTRA! Yes, we have the extras. Accessories, pedal car kits, chassis, and more! Everything you need to make your own custom pedal car. Uniquely yours!